High Roller Club

Member Programs


The High Roller Club was established to create long-term growth for our association by giving national recognition and special incentive awards to garage door member company representatives for recruiting new member companies.
  • Qualifications: Any IDA member company representative in good standing of the association is eligible to become a High Roller. The representative must sponsor three new member companies.
  • Roller Credits: Any IDA member will receive one Roller Credit for each new member company recruited.
  • National Recognition: As they move up the ladder, High Rollers are recognized by IDA for their recruiting achievements. Awards include lapel pins, plaques, watches and rings. High Rollers are given VIP status at national conventions and educational trade shows.
  • Special 10% Discount are given to each member of the High Roller Club and will apply to all association functions and registration fees.

High Roller Levels

Roller Credits High Roller Status Awards
3 High Roller Gold lapel pin, Plaque
10 Roller Baron Gold lapel pin with red stone, Plaque plate
15 Red Roller Baron Gold lapel pin with two red stones, Plaque plate
25 Steel Roller Baron Gold lapel pin with two red stones & one blue stone, Plaque plate, Watch
50 Royal Roller Baron Gold ring, Plaque Plate
75 Imperial Roller Baron Plaque plate, $2500 towards trip of choice
100 Diamond Roller Baron Plaque plate, Gold lapel pin with diamond


IDA High Roller Club Members

Diamond Roller Baron Imperial Roller Baron Royal Roller Baron Steel Roller Baron Red Roller Baron Roller Baron High Roller