IDA Education


Maintatining your IDEA accreditation and certification is earned through a variety of resources, including continuing education classroom training, industry education events and other activites related to your job as a garage door and access systems installer. But IDA and IDEA realize that access to industry-specific education sometimes requires costly downtime and travel.

To help provide easier access to education, IDA offers online training resources to those in the garage door and access systems industry. 

Individual education made easy

If you are an installer or service technician, you can now maintain any IDEA certification through online continuing education, all at your own pace! Each course includes test questions to validate your knowledge and understanding of the selected material. Upon completition, results are electronically reported to IDEA administrators, who will then apply the continuing education credits to your record. 

Educate your entire staff

If your company currently holds an IDEA credential and is looking to povide exceptional continuing education to your staff (without the hassle of traveling), this site is for you. Content developed and provided here on behalf of IDEA and IDA will help to better educate your entire staff on the importance of earning and maintaining a certification in the garage door industry and access systems industry. 

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