Garage Door Safety Month Press Releases


Communication and outreach are a critical component for increasing your business. Sending communications to current and potential customers and issuing press releases to the media (television, newspaper, radio) can be a great, low-cost way to increase the value of your company brand, improve business opportunities and share valuable information with the community to build trust as an expert in your market. IDA has provided some templates below for potential communications with customers and press releases about Garage Door Safety Month to send to the media.

  • Customer Communications: Periodic touch points with your customers ensures you are top-of-mind. Sharing safety information can be a great way to help your customers stay safe and increase repeat business. Modify this template mailer and send it to current or potential new customers as a way to remind them of the importance of continuous safety checks. ​
  • Article Template: Edit this article template and send it to local newspapers or magazines for consumer outreach and education. The article template can also be used as a starting point for blog or LinkedIn articles.