Garage Door Safety Month - Social Media Outreach


Promoting Garage Door Safety Month on social media is a great way to help your customers ensure the safety of their doors and promote your company in the community. A quick post can help build awareness about garage door maintenance or you can provide some helpful tips to customers for simple and quick safety checks! Consider using some of these sample posts on your social media channels during Garage Door Safety Month:

Sample Posts:

  • June is Garage Door Safety Month! When was the last time you checked the safety of the largest moving object in your home? Click here for more information: [add a bitly link to company safety information].
  • The garage door is often the most-used entry point of the home. As part of Garage Door Safety Month this June, [insert company name] wants to help you ensure the safety of your garage door. Visit us at [insert website] to schedule a safety check!
  • Help celebrate Garage Door Safety month this June by scheduling a quick maintenance appointment and keep your family safe! Visit us here: [insert bitly link to website]

Posting about Garage Door Safety Month isn’t limited to just these posts. Consider coming up with your own posts about Garage Door Safety Month! To help grab attention, include a photo with your post. You can use a photo of a recent installation, photos of your technicians, or other photos to promote your business. Be sure to tag IDA in your posts and we will share or re-tweet it.

Not sure how to post on social media? Here are some helpful links: