IDA Tech Talks


The garage door industry as a whole contains facets of a technical nature. Our Tech Talk articles are featured in issues of International Door & Operator Industry magazine. Dealers and technicians alike can search through our archive below to read articles from our own membership about the technical aspects of our industry.

Tech Talk Archive

Be Safe Out There!
IDAEducation: The New CEU Resource
Pre-Installation Steps & Protocols 
The Garage Door Certification Debate Continues

New, Harmonized Canada-U.S. door & operator standard in 2018
The Fire Door Certification Debate
The Long Road to Competence
To Repair or Replace? That is the Question
Watch Your Health!
What's Up Dock? Edge of Dock Application & Installation 

A Complex Engineering Marvel
Garage Door Installation Tips
Importance of the Service Technician 
The Truth About Troubleshooting
Old Vehicular Gate Operators: Don't Repair, Replace!
What's Up Dock? So You Want to Know How to Install a Dock Leveler
What's Up Dock? So You Want to Know How to Install Dock Seals
What's Up Dock? When the Specifications Call for Interlock

Aviation & Door Opener Technological Advances...a Lesson to be Learned
Bottom Section Replacement
Control Boards​
Drive Systems - Part 4
Product Life Expectancy Predictions
Safety Systems​
Top Section Replacement

Drive Systems - Part 1
Drive Systems - Part 2
Drive Systems - Part 3
PushButton Systems
Remote Control Systems
Safety - Priority #1

Get Ready for Winter
How Your Technicians See You and Your Business
Limit Switch Systems
Opener Lighting System
Understanding the True Opening Heights of Doors​